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Description Virus expert Anna Grey is disturbed when a dying patient is wheeled past her lab vomiting fountains of blood and screaming like a banshee. But cynical fortune-teller Harry Erskine knows otherwise and a series of extremely disturbing events are forcing him from his Miami home towards the bereaved Anna, who as yet has little idea of the evil she is facing. Read More Read More. Additional Information.

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Featured Reviews Rosemary S, Librarian. Is Anna just overworked and overtired, or is she staring to lose her grip on reality? Anna may not believe in the supernatural but fortune teller harry Erskine does.

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The only question is, will he get there in time? Masterton writes the most believable horror in the genre. His protagonists are real life people dealing with otherworldly experiences in the best way they know how. He hooks me every time. Was this review helpful? Mallory H, Reviewer. A "fortune-teller" who insists he has no psychic abilities, Harry exudes charm and irony. Once upon a time, he roundly defeated Native American "wonder-worker" [shaman] Misquimacus, and so is not only an unsung hero to the unknowing human populace, but acknowledged by the long-deceased indigenous shamans.

Living in Miami, Harry is now tasked by a triple threat, united in determination of revenge and genocidal extermination. Jon K, Reviewer. Donna M, Reviewer. I won't give away the plot but I was literally left itching for more at the end! I read it in one sitting and couldn't wait to see how it ended. It was a brilliant read.

I cannot thank the publishers enough for letting me have access to an advance review copy - I would highly recommend this book to all. Kimberley H, Reviewer. Very creepy stuff. This is still their land, spiritually, even if we took it away from them. You may own the deeds, but the house itself still belongs to the ghosts.

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A harrowing story of the reincarnation of an Indian Medicine Man in modern day New York seeking retribution against the white man for what they did to his people. The book features the first appearance of the rogue fortune teller, Harry Erskine, who, with the help of medicine man, Singing Rock enters into battle against the shaman, Misquamacus. The Plague of the Manitou is the seventh book in the Harry Erskine series and revisits the origins of the Manitou and the re-incarnation of an evil from centuries ago.

A man is wheeled past virus expert Anna Grey's lab violently convulsing as if wired to the mains, vomiting arterial blood and by the looks, in a seriously bad way. In death muscles relax but the sheer look of terror on his face after he'd passed was more than disturbing. Then another body, same MO and she is unwittingly thrust into a supernatural nightmare that will see her join forces with the now tarot card reader Harry Erskine.

Harry is just about to be kicked out of Miami after accepting a gift from an old lady that he really should have refused point blank. His tarot cards are changing of their own accord, death being the dominant theme and to top it off there's a scary looking nun in his bedroom. Things don't get much better from here on out for our friendly fortune teller, in fact they get decidedly worse in a life threatening fashion.

As two supernatural entities combine to bring Hell to the people of America. There's the usual enjoyably disturbing sexual encounters, a tag team of bad guys that have formed an unlikely partnership with the primary goal of revenge and death. The reincarnation of evil is where it all begins, magic rituals carried out to revisit future life and wreak havoc. To rid America of its people and reclaim it for those most deserved. How they do it, well it's horror all the way and two things are prevalent.

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One, you've probably never even considered the humble bed bug as a destructive malevolent force, well you will now and two, this reinforces the point that nuns are bloody creepy. The Plague of the Manitou was my first read in the Harry Erskine series and while you can appreciate there's a lot of history I've missed out on, it's easily readable as a stand-alone. Well-paced, engaging characters a story that flows relentlessly toward an apocalypse of biblical proportions and I shall definitely go back to the origins of the Manitou. If I had any complaints it would be the ending, the old 'I'll distract him while you sneak up behind him' philosophy just doesn't work as well in writing compared to the screen and it felt like taking the quickest and cheapest way out.

That said if you've invested in this series before then you'll enjoy this one.

The Manitou (1978) - Bonus Clip: Author Graham Masterson Discusses The Novel vs. The Film (HD)

Josef H, Reviewer. I had written at the beginning of the year that I wanted to read more Graham Masterton this year and I just have not been able to do that so far although I read this book and am reading another now, so I guess I am getting there. Anna Grey is one of the leading virus experts in the world and has seen many disturbing things over the years. The sight of the sick man vomiting blood and convulsing violently was still enough to disturb her.

She is a woman of science. There is not room for this type of thing in her world. Harry Erskine may appear to be just another fortune teller to many. In fact, some think that he is nothing more than a con artist who tells the fortune of the wealthy elderly in order to get their money from them. Erskine is much more than that. I've never read this but did enjoy the original.

Still I enjoy Graham Masterton and may give this one a try. Isn't this the one with the showdown with "Cthulhu" on the bridge? I'd say definitely don't skip it, especially given it's a relatively short novel. Hell, even half-hearted Masterton is often more entertaining than a lot of the dreck from the period. Burial is the next Manitou novel, and it's definitely better and much longer.

Then there's Manitou Blood - which is reasonably good, but suffers from the Manitou aspect feeling tacked on and rather unnecessary. In fact, being rewritten with just the vampire stuff would improve it. Then there's Blind Panic yet to read it. And then you can amaze people with the claim that you've read all of the Manitou novels to date. Verification word: "eturding".

Sounds like a good term for giving shit advice on the internet ;.

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  7. Read this one back in the day when it was first released by Pinnacle. MY how that ages me.

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    Though I can't recall much at all about it. Practically nothing in fact. It's one of my absolute favs. Jim aka bluerosekiller. Post a Comment.

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    Subscribe to Too Much Horror Fiction. It's no surprise that after the success of his debut horror novel The Manitou in that Graham Masterton would want to return to his Lovecraft-inspired mythology of Native American medicine men and their attempts to wreak vengeance on the evil, plundering white man. Invoking the unpronounceable names of inhuman gods and demons from the great beyond, these powerful priests are virtually unstoppable, and can reincarnate themselves in unsuspecting humans almost at will.

    Perfect for sequelization!